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Wrap-Chaps are "the Evolution of Chaps!!"    In the above image we show the QUILTED NYLON.

Wrap-Chaps come in QUILTED NYLON and 1680 denier Ballistic Nylon.

They are SIZED by your INSEAM. The LENGTH of your legs from your crotch to your ankles. This is the SECOND number on your blue jeans. LADIES, we know that your pants DO NOT have inseams. Either measure your legs WHILE THEY ARE STRAIGHT or have someone help you. Or try on a pair of men's blue jeans.

Wrap-Chaps come in INSEAM SIZES 28, 30, 32, 34.  We MAY also have some left over INSEAM SIZES 24 and 26. 
We DO NOT anticipate continuing these sizes.

If you take INSEAM Size 29 pants, order the INSEAM Size 30 Wrap-Chaps. At shows we always tell people that if
your Wrap-Chaps are a little long that you have options. You can pull them up a little or push them down a little. If
you order them TOO SHORT there is NOTHING that you can do to make them longer.

Plus, if you are getting Wrap-Chaps to ride a motorcycle, please remember that your legs are a little longer when you sit on the bike and bend your legs.  

Most people have a pretty good idea of their inseams and what size pants that they use to ride.

The Quilted Nylon are the WARMEST ones. They are made of custom quilted material and insulate the warmth
of your legs in just as they keep the cold out.

They are great using the snowblower or your tractor to plow the snow!! Leave all the ice and snow that USED
to freeze to your pants at the door!! You don't have to drag it through the house so that it melts on the floor!!

If you want to use your Wrap-Chaps on your motorcyle, they don't take up much room in your saddlebags!
You can have them with you all the time for when you need them!

If you get the non-quilted Ballistic Wrap-Chaps, you can roll them up and put them in your back POCKET!!

 We have guys tell us all the time at shows, "I have a twenty minute ride to work. I don't want to spend TEN MINUTES putting on my old chaps!!! Wrap-Chaps are what I NEED!!" 

You can't believe how many people, men and women, tell us, "I HATE MY CHAPS!!'
Well, you will LOVE your Wrap-Chaps!!!

Not only do they wrap around your legs quickly and easily with the hook and loop, They have long flaps with ONE FOOT LONG strips of loop to ADJUST to MANY DIFFERENT SIZE LEGS! You can gain or lose 50 pounds and still wear the same Wrap-Chaps.

The Ballistic Wrap-Chaps are made of the same type of thick material that is used to make luggage and saddlebags for motorcycles.  It is pretty thick but still flexible to fold up for storage.

All pairs of Wrap-Chaps INCLUDE a pair of straps made out of hook and loop. We cut the back of the knees of the Wrap-Chaps out otherwise you would not be able to bend your legs. These straps stick from the tops of the Wrap-Chaps and go up and under your belt or through your belt loop and fold over to attach.

These straps are just like the straps on fishermen's hip boots.  By the way, Wrap-Chaps are very good liners for
uninsulated waders and hip boots!!

You don't need these straps to ride your motorcycle, but if you want to gas up or walk around you won't get 10 feet before the tops of the Wrap-Chaps begin to slide down.  You definitely need them to weed-whack, shovel the snow
or use your snowblower. You'll see.